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Latest News & Updates at The Kilt Store

Edinburgh kilt walk

PaulSwadzba | 07/09/2016 14:10:38

  This is Stewart Syme in his Ancient Gunn made to measure kilt that he purchased from us for the Edinburgh kilt walk ......good luck Stewart #edinburghkiltwalk  #kilt  #kiltwalk   Many thanks to Craig Paterson and the team at the kilt store! Now to raise funds for Cclasp Support Group for Families:

Kilted calendar

PaulSwadzba | 31/08/2016 09:12:15

Once again in 2017 we have launched our new Men in Kilts Year - 2017 Calendar, it has a real buzz about it this year  & people are stocking up early, so hurry up & make that Christmas purchase…………we have a limited stock of them…….  If you like a man who can rock.... More

Magical Mystery Tartan

PaulSwadzba | 26/08/2016 16:49:37

Here are the finished products for our mystery corporate client. These beautiful products will be winging their way to the stunning Gleneagles hotel next week!!   Handmade tartan ties from £17.95 and handmade scarves from £24.95

Sexy Kilt detail

PaulSwadzba | 04/03/2016 11:13:41

We love our hand made kilts, made by an individual kilt maker with over thirty years of kilt making experience, a world away from machine made, factory built (Although they do have their place) this is an example of the high quality we build into our kilts & with our new copper buckle & high grade leather waist.... More

Yoda best dad

PaulSwadzba | 25/02/2016 09:21:17

With our new engraving machine the world is your oyster, check out our Star Wars personalised engraved Sgian Dubh - Ideal for Scottish Star Wars lovers With engraving from as little as £10 it’s a great way to say something special

Sgian dubh section

PaulSwadzba | 13/01/2016 10:04:49

In the last few days our web team have been busy tidying up our Sgian dubh section online, taking lost of new images, checking the descriptions & getting rid of the old sgian dubhs   If you have ever seen someone dressed in a traditional Kilt or Highland Outfit you might have noticed, at the top of one.... More

20% off made to measure & off the peg kilts

PaulSwadzba | 13/01/2016 09:55:18

RIGHT NOW we have 20% off made to measure & off the peg kilts – IN STORE ONLY - We need to make our kilt makers work a bit harder this month as they all have overspent at Christmas & need the cash to recover, so we thought we would give them some Christmas cheer and make them a bit.... More

Sale on now

PaulSwadzba | 13/01/2016 09:50:03

We have a HUGE sale on now of all our ex rental & discontinued stuff & even some sale stuff discounted. So why not get down to a store near you & check out the amazing bargains we have priced to clear.   The sale is only on for another few weeks & then we have to.... More

We are now open longer on Sunday’s

PaulSwadzba | 13/01/2016 09:46:01

We are now open longer on Sunday’s This should make life easy if you want to come in & book your kilt outfit to purchase or a kilt outfit for hire From the feedback we get from customers through our online survey’s, we have taken the decision  to open the Edinburgh store from 10am to 5.30pm on .... More

What are the benefits of an all wool kilt

PaulSwadzba | 23/12/2015 08:28:59

People keep buying acrylic kilts & it’s great, they are cheap, they are easy to wear & easy to buy, but you canny whack a good hand made kilt made in Scotland out of the finest quality wool. Check out this horrific video of what happens when you play with fire

Crazy wedding pictures

PaulSwadzba | 10/12/2015 15:04:16

Getting married has to be one of the most stressful times in your life. Obviously not if you come to the professionals like us at the  here's a selection of images from out on the interweb that just show how scary the day can actually be. Oh and make sure you tell your photographer to watch out before they.... More

How to wear a kilt outfit correctly by the kilt hire company

PaulSwadzba | 26/10/2015 09:11:40

Its been a while since I posted this last, but its a reminder that needs said EVERY week especially to the lads just getting a kilt on for the first time. So if you know of someone that's wearing a  kilt for the first time, send them this link Here a few basic rules & starting points.... More

Harris Tweed is Made in Scotland

PaulSwadzba | 26/10/2015 08:19:28

Harris Tweed is Made in Scotland. All products on our new Tweed page have an element of Harris tweed on them & offer a splash of colour from Scotland. We have Cloudberry wallets by Maccessori - Holdalls & bags, Ladies Purses & Cross bags - Washbags & Ipad covers & Ipad Mini covers - Flat caps to men's.... More

Special price Scottish kilts

PaulSwadzba | 26/10/2015 08:14:09

We have just brought into stock some Special price Scottish kilts from one of Scotland's greatest kilt maker (Apart from us of course) These kilts range from Scottish casual kilts in 5 yards of fabric all the way up to 8 yard kilts, some real true bargains, grab them while you can, once they are gone, they are.... More

Tartan is the new black

PaulSwadzba | 18/08/2015 11:45:44

      Tartan is the new black Take one look at tartan and it evokes the sound of bagpipes, the taste of Irn Bru, rolling hills and Mel Gibson yelling ‘freedom’ in Braveheart. Lazy cultural stereotypes aside, it’s arguably one of the most aesthetically distinctive pieces of fabric worldwide and is a strong.... More
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